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[MV002] Recopilatoire

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Do not listen to first impressions. We’re just characters from a fairy tale, that as soon as pleasant are contemptible, beautiful and ugly, that will fly if we fly, and transform us into what we want to be transformed. It is a simple and streamlined story, a story that breaks through all that is obviously true and what we believe fictitious.

We definitely present, after our first publication ([MV01] distressed Our first EP), with an album (VA) that must mean the start point. A compilation of different musicians involved in the label, with musical trends ranging from IDM and dubstep, to piano mentalist music. From different parts of Europe: Music Vermella – Recopilatoire [MV02]. The format of the album is and free downloading, and we hope it will be a way to start this stage in our production.

download release (13 tracks and 1 cover. 136.04 MB aprox.)