Música Vermellahttp://www.musicavermella.com/#releasesLatest releases.en-ushttp://www.musicavermella.com/img/logo_original.jpghttp://www.musicavermella.com/#releases144144Música Vermella[MV024] Julio Gutiérrez - About Magichttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/julio-gutierrez-about-magichttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/julio-gutierrez-about-magic<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_10.jpg" alt="" /><br>Julio Gutierrez brings the winter to Music Vermella. 'About Magic' is a release full of sound experimentation based on computational error and abstract melodies. The artist, member of Cremadelic Band to date, explains a strange tale of harmonies behind fog, streched instruments, distortions and non-quantized out of step drums that will carry the listener to urban jungles, cold and organic at the same time.Sun, 02 Dec 2012 19:38:00 +0100Julio Gutiérrez - SparkyJulio Gutiérrez - TeardropsJulio Gutiérrez - Wicca[MV023] Davic Nod - Do you remember me?http://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/do-you-remember-mehttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/do-you-remember-me<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_8.jpg" alt="" /><br>Hybrid dub, gloomy landscapes, retailer electronics, sharp production. Newest Davic Nod at Música Vermella Netlabel. After a year of absence, and with aim to maintain our continuity, we present you the work of Davic Nod, a national producer of electronic music that gives us his latest work: "Do you remember me?".Mon, 17 Sep 2012 18:33:40 +0200Davic Nod - NightmareDavic Nod - Do You Remember Me? (feat. Lady Tape)Davic Nod - ShamelessDavic Nod - Psycho Brothers (feat. n-Sait D. & Faiol 808)[MV022] DjCode - If you could EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/if-you-couldhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/if-you-could<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_7.jpg" alt="" /><br>  DjCode, the A.K.A. of Bitcode, come back with us after his Journey EP, having scored his musical career as a champion of 2011 Spain Redbull Thre2style and 4th in the world. Now presents "If You Could EP", in the usual way of the artist, but with a stronger sound. We hope you enjoy it. Cover photo: D.D.Hierro [MIM]    Sat, 19 May 2012 16:53:21 +0200DjCode - I.O.SDjCode - If you couldDjCode - City lightsDjCode - InterspaceDjCode - Find the truth[MV021] Ubik - My Room Is The Worldhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/ubik-my-room-is-the-worldhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/ubik-my-room-is-the-world<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_6.jpg" alt="" /><br>We return with a very interesting EP, We have no tags for this work, as usual, but we can appreciate complexity and innocence. Ubik, the A. K.A. of Marco Bonini, an Italian producer and guitarist, is the name that he uses to sign his first release on Música Vermella! Pic from cover by our friend: Cris Romagosa.Thu, 23 Feb 2012 00:18:03 +0100Ubik - Radial GliaUbik - Arachnoid TrabeculaeUbik - Desoil 2.0Ubik - Bohemian CremationUbik - I'm not myselfUbik - Struggle[MV020] Eufoteoria - Cookieshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/eufoteoria-cookieshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/eufoteoria-cookies<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/eufoteoria_cookies_front.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/eufoteoria_cookies_back.jpg" alt="" /><br>We apologize for our long hollidays, but we are here again with great ideas and intentions! We begin a new phase after nearly three months of absence, with an album signed by Amadeusz Szczerbowski, aka Eufoteoria, which is named Cookies. Cookies is presented as a strange mixture of different aesthetic concepts, but we prefer no tags, everyone will want to tag that listens! Enjoy it!Fri, 02 Dec 2011 01:22:26 +0100Eufoteoria - LatteEufoteoria - Great InsideEufoteoria - Great Inside (prod Jakub Nox Ambroziak)Eufoteoria - Paradox 27Eufoteoria - The Canonical CompositionEufoteoria - The United States of MusicEufoteoria - PlumeEufoteoria - Don't Go Away (Trupa Trupa Remix)[MV019] Chooko - Boogeyman Sonata EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/chooko-boogeyman-sonata-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/chooko-boogeyman-sonata-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_1.png" alt="" /><br>From Croatia, Niko a.k.a. Chooko, presents us his first job at Música Vermella in EP format. We find five tracks, variations of the same song; five variations who use different tempos and dynamic styles. We can appreciate different electronic music styles, combining them very good. We show you Chooko with his Boogeyman Sonata. Cover artwork: Ronald SanchezTue, 30 Aug 2011 13:02:21 +0200Chooko - Boogeyman Sonata I - LargoChooko - Boogeyman Sonata II - AndanteChooko - Boogeyman Sonata III - AllegroChooko - Boogeyman Sonata IV - ModeratoChooko - Boogeyman Sonata V - Freestylato[MV018] Madame - Lies and sunsetshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-lies-and-sunsetshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-lies-and-sunsets<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_5.jpg" alt="" /><br>Madame reappears in one of the publications of Música Vermella with an EP of 6 songs which blend the dubstep, the wonky beats, IDM, and classical music combined with pure electronic sounds. An EP that contains various musical stages and stations of the author. The promotional video is a joint effort between the same Madame and the visual artist O2 . All yours. Thu, 14 Jul 2011 15:21:48 +0200Madame - AlkhimiaMadame - VerdMadame - Deep MoonMadame - Love CuisineMadame - Side Chain SunsetMadame - No More Lies[MV017] Iszen - Informal EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/iszen-informal-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/iszen-informal-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_3.jpg" alt="" /><br>The 17th publication of Musica Vermella, after the magnificent EP, Black Plastic, by Homeless INC., takes the name "Informal" and is signed by Iszen, an electronic artist who in this case presents a six-song EP of an authentic IDM and experimental electronic music. An EP, of course, for grow our imagination. Cover photo: Cris Romagosa.  Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:01:22 +0200Iszen - Bitter KasIszen - In For MalIszen - Fuerzas TeluricasIszen - InexpertoIszen - De la manoIszen - Tachable[MV016] Black Plastic EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/black-plastic-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/black-plastic-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front.png" alt="" /><br>Homeless Inc. is the project of Miguel Velasco based on wonky beats versus neo-funk-soul-dubstep sounds, characterized by thick and dense atmospheres with funk synths which led him to participate at the Red Bull Music Academy in London 2010, at Sonar Festival in Barcelona the same year, appear on the legendary program from Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC Radio 1, and winning the talent contest from LEV Festival from Gijon. Amazed by his talent, Musica Vermella releses this round EP. Clean production, colorful and full of flow wonky beats that will make you lose your balance. His music does not forget of any frequency from the spectrum, trying to reach the physical boundaries of music. Let the music talk: Homeless Inc. Cover artwork by Beto.Tue, 24 May 2011 23:40:36 +0200Homeless Inc. - Marble (featuring Ad Bourke)Homeless Inc. - Dub Of The DayHomeless Inc. - Black PlasticHomeless Inc. - You Win!Homeless Inc. - I Need U[MV015] RCPLTR II - VVAAhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/rcpltr-iihttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/rcpltr-ii<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/RCPLTR_II_Cover.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/RCPLTR_II_Back.jpg" alt="" /><br>After a year and a half of work, here you have the second edition of our Recopilatoire, an album where we join, this time, music from all our artists who have been actively releasing in Música Vermella, as Xtrngr, DjCode, KaostapesKain, Icebreaker, Yarkouy, 4cantons, Pisu, Madame, Wermonster, Spectateur and Ocoeur, as well as a small taste of two new future additions: Alphabetsheaven, from Bristol, with his full energy wonky, and Fatkut, great graphic artist who also shows his potential in the world of electronic music and sampling.In this album, we have the amazing contribution of Turkesa, fabulous artist who shows her elegance and ability in an artwork that serves as a cover for this release, as well as the photographic collaboration by O2, also a Música Vermella usual collaborator. All yours!Tue, 19 Apr 2011 16:02:43 +0200Ocoeur - No particlesIcebreaker (RazaRoja) - Plan ZetaSpectateur - Le sommeil de Phobos4cantons - Scherer8Wermonster - Underground ContinentalFatkut - AnnaAlphabetsheaven - WaterjayKaostapesKain - Lethal Drop 14Yarkouy a.k.a. TSO - Human nature is so deceivingPisu - TeletechoMadame - DistressedDjCode - Up1Xtrngr - Bell mountain[MV014] Renzu - Kemonogatarihttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/renzu-kemonogatarihttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/renzu-kemonogatari<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_13.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/back_4.jpg" alt="" /><br>Always with new additions, Música Vermella is pleased to release an EP with four tracks by Renzu, from Chicago, in a curious mixture of IDM, techno and Japanese folk smells, with the aim to make music that illustrates other worlds and fantastic characters. Renzu is presented after several publications on their own, like "Across the threshold," Reiha "or" Artificial Girl ", which you can download, among others, from their website.Sun, 20 Mar 2011 16:13:26 +0100Renzu - Nine TailsRenzu - Fox FireRenzu - Sash ReflectionRenzu - Kemonogatari[MV013] Szubrawy Kot – Czarny ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/szubrawy-kot-czarny-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/szubrawy-kot-czarny-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_11.jpg" alt="" /><br>We present you a new Música Vermella incorporation, this time from the Polish branch of music, in a mix between hip hop and breakbeat, inside the imposing sampling culture. We leave you with Szubrawy Kot and his Czarny EP. We hope you enjoy.Thu, 10 Feb 2011 19:27:12 +0100Szubrawy Kot - Spalony JohnSzubrawy Kot - Spalony LennonSzubrawy Kot - Uschniêta MelisaSzubrawy Kot - PrzepuklinaSzubrawy Kot - Lewatywa[MV012] Spectateur – Souvenir EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/spectateur-souvenir-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/spectateur-souvenir-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/front_2.jpg" alt="" /><br>Let's start the year in the better way. In front of you a new artist from Musica Vermella, a young French guy, with references in labels like Fresh Poulp Records with his aka "Pier". Now giving us this magic and magnificient EP with his more experimental aka "Spectateur". An original mixture between abstract hip hop, indie and electronica, with 5 amazing tracks, to properly get introduced in 2011. Cover photograf by O2.Sat, 01 Jan 2011 15:20:43 +0100Spectateur - Alors Elle Ferma Les YeuxSpectateur - BouillonnementSpectateur - CourirSpectateur - SouvenirSpectateur - Gris[MV011] Dj Code – Journey EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/dj-code-journey-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/dj-code-journey-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_10.jpg" alt="" /><br>The already recognized DjCode takes part of the reddish family with a fantastic EP, where  hip-hop, wonky or dubstep essences fused with its characteristic electro smell. Runner-up of Catalonia’s DMC DJ’s 2001 and Spanish runner-up at DMC DJ’s 2002. You can see him in diferent DVDs like VINYLMANIA , ALQUIMIA TOUR or YO, Dj Check it out!Sun, 10 Oct 2010 10:37:15 +0200DjCode - So sexy skitDjCode - Journey to the moonDjCode - You disconnectDjCode - Soul[MV010] Xtrngr – Electronic enviromenthttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/xtrngr-electronic-enviromenthttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/xtrngr-electronic-enviroment<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_9.jpg" alt="" /><br>From Manresa , and after his three last publications with Kosmo Netlabel, Xtrngr presents us on Música Vermella his last work: Electronic Enviroment. Placid and distressed ambients in a Electronica/Ambient/Glitch EP.Thu, 23 Sep 2010 10:36:20 +0200Xtrngr - Confusing DayXtrngr - DrivingXtrngr - KarmaXtrngr - Final Day[MV009] Madame + Alkhimia – Hidden village wisheshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-alkhimia-hidden-village-wisheshttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-alkhimia-hidden-village-wishes<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_8.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/back_3.jpg" alt="" /><br>“When things are overwhelming and bow, words are confused and mixed with air. The gray and fanatical desire, fantasy and utopian, generate confusion and panic, fear and anxiety, power and weakness. The wishes rough but tender, and not magnanimous and beautiful streets of a village hidden and dreamy, abstract but real, fascinating and magical.“ This new EP, a mixture of Madame and his parallel project, Alkhimia, along with Jordi Masjuan Galbany, the project is based on the intention to use a majority of samples of own manufacture. Autocton sounds and recorded from the perspective of experimentation and curiosity. Tue, 13 Jul 2010 10:23:32 +0200Alkhimia - People are not happyAlkhimia - Samples and wishesMadame - Fresh hate factoryMadame - Asian plastic places[MV008] Ocoeur – Percevoirhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/ocoeur-percevoirhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/ocoeur-percevoir<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_7.jpg" alt="" /><br>After his first album on Música Vermella, “Les hommes ne savent pas voler”, with a delicious psychedelic and oniric IDM, Ocoeur strikes back with a new EP with four songs, following the  dreamy, melancholic, melodic and aggressive line from his last release.Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:09:05 +0200Ocoeur - CokomoOcoeur - Life is a gameOcoeur - Un souffle d'émotionsOcoeur - Olakoté[MV007] Wermonster – Kreis EPhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/wermonster-kreis-ephttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/wermonster-kreis-ep<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_6.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/back_2.jpg" alt="" /><br>Four psychedelic hiphop tracks flavoured with nu-jazz and 70’s psychedelic rock. Musica Vermella presents perhaps our most contemplative and introspective release to date, Wermonster. Lay back and fly away.Thu, 20 May 2010 23:49:03 +0200Wermonster - Phasing RainWermonster - What would I doWermonster - KaltWermonster - Escape (feat.Tob1)[MV006] Pisu – Primaverahttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/pisu-primaverahttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/pisu-primavera<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_5.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/back_1.jpg" alt="" /><br>The sixth exclusive  release on Musica Vermella’s catalogue. Four sick new tunes from Pisu putting his own spin on bass music from Dubstep and HipHop to glitched out 4/4s.Thu, 29 Apr 2010 21:35:29 +0200Pisu - PopMadame - No en som dues (Pisu cover)Pisu - SudaPisu - Kuglerstrasse[MV005] Madame – Tales from the naive manhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-tales-from-the-naive-manhttp://www.musicavermella.com/en/release/madame-tales-from-the-naive-man<img src="/img/covers/thumbs/cover_4.jpg" alt="" /><img src="/img/covers/thumbs/back.jpg" alt="" /><br>This new EP is a selection of Madame oriented for expression what becomes a story made up of four songs that tell the experience from the eyes of a fictional character, “naïf”, and humble, docile and naive about how the world rots and deteriorates, even as can be as precious. The EP’s Tales from the naive man, is a mix between IDM and dubstep concepts.Wed, 24 Mar 2010 00:32:27 +0100Madame - Tots malalts. Tots mentidersMadame - El paisatge plàcidMadame - Si el fred canvia de colorMadame - La dansa dels arbres tristos